TWC Group proudly stands as a beacon of social responsibility, prioritizing impact alongside Financial growth. Beyond the bottom line, it believes in contributing positively to the communities it touches and embracing initiatives that make a lasting difference. TWC group runs a few CSR activities that are spread across healthcare, education and infrastructure for research & development. In the last 3 years, TWC has contributed over USD 1 Mn in multiple projects, including:

  • The establishment of the wet-chemistry laboratory at Dr D Banerjee Centre of Excellence (DBCoE); one great body of Indian Rubber Institute at Mysuru.
  • The company has also contributed to residential school projects for unprivileged girls.
  • A cancer hospital for setting up OT and ICU infrastructure.
  • A primary school and other school for education of children having physical or mental dis-abilities.
  • Alongwith this the group provided an ambulance for the welfare of senior citizens and in engaged in the welfare of animals.

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